DIY Reed Diffuser
By now you all know that I love my Young Living Essential Oils and I have a few diffusers in my home. I have one in all of the main rooms, only the bathroom and kitchen were missing out on the awesomeness that is the smell of essential oils.
Hello, DIY Google time. I found the great idea of making a reed diffuser! A quick search on Amazon yielded the supplies I needed at a great price and I was on my way! Check out how easy it is!

  1. Using a funnel, add sweet almond oil to diffusing vessel.
  2. Add 15-20 drops essential oil.
  3. Insert diffusing sticks and stir.
  4. Let sticks soak for an hour or so, then turn over.
  5. Each day, turn sticks to diffuse oil.
  6. As scent dissipates over time, freshen up with additional essential oil.

There are many options for reeds to use, I chose to use rattan reeds. Thanks to the channels that run up the length of them that enables easy wicking for the long-lasting release of your oils.
It is recommended to change the reeds about every 6-12 months.


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