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Gary Explains the Feelings Kit

“If your purpose in life doesn’t give you butterflies in your stomach at least an hour a day, there’s something seriously wrong,” Dr. Gary Young said at the Young Living Annual Grand Convention. But he also understands that not everyone is able to find joy and purpose in their lives.

It seems that past emotional problems are keeping people from achieving their goals. Judging from the response Gary received as he gave an overview of the Feelings Kit, his directions were greatly appreciated.

Dr. Young designed the Feelings kit after studying the ancient Egyptians and a ritual they performed to clear their bodies of negative influences before dying. Understanding that many people are handicapped emotionally, Dr. Young gathered together 12 essential oil blends with special capabilities and frequencies to aid physical and emotional healing.

While sharing the story of his own journey to reclaim physical and emotional health, Dr. Young told how to face traumas or vivid emotions deeply imprinted in memory.

While it’s fairly common knowledge that memories are embedded in the brain, it may be surprising to discover that scientists are now saying that memory exists throughout the body. “Repressed traumas caused by over-whelming emotion can be stored in a body part, thereafter affecting our ability to feel that part or even more,” said Candace B Pert, Ph.D. research professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

“To some degree, all of the organ systems in the human body have ‘memory’,” agreed Bruce D. Perry, M.D., PH.D. “All nerve cells ‘store’ information in a fashion that is contingent upon previous patterns of activity,” he noted. Dr. Perry is with the Child Trauma Program, a partnership of Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. Perry said that the ability to “carry elements of precious experience forward in time is the basis of the immune, the neuromuscular, and the neuroendocrine systems.”

Dr. Young knew this intuitively long before he heard of research documenting memory throughout the body. This is why he created the blend SARA for Sexual Abuse and/or Ritual Abuse. SARA covers all forms of abuse—verbal, physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual. “When you come to a crossroads memory where you see your father beating you, then for to SARA and rub it on the area where you were abused, or as near to the area as you can, because that oil will help to go in and stimulate the cells into releasing that memory,” Dr. Young instructed.

When stored memories are traumatic, the body becomes “stuck” in lower brain responses to these memories. A “trigger” -something that reminds you or brings to mind the traumatic memory- enters the brain stem and midbrain area and is matched against the previously stored trauma. When this happens, an “alarm” response is automatically tripped. Anxiety, fear, or terror flood the body. Researchers have found that after a traumatic experience, the brain can be more easily provoked into releasing adrenaline and is less able to turn off the flow of this neurotransmitter.

The higher centers of the brain –such as the limbic system, the amygdala, the cortex, and the thymus—are where interpretation and comprehension take place. The “fight or flight” cycle caused by traumatic memories locks out the very parts of the brain that might be able to make sense of the negative emotion.

Gary created the Feelings Kit to help heal the grief and pain caused by these traumatic memories. This collection contains the essential oil blends of Valor, 3 Wise Men, Harmony, Forgiveness, Joy, Present Time, Release, Inner Child, Grounding, Hope, SARA, and White Angelica.

During his convention talk on emotions, Dr. Young explained that whether the most recent experience was good or traumatic, the mind starts moving backwards, reliving memories. “Soon,” he said, “you might find yourself saying, ‘Hey, I want to explore this road that leads into a traumatic memory.’”

Dr. Young said that the first essential oil to use when dealing with traumatic memories is Valor. He explained that the frequency of Valor allows relaxation. “When the body relaxes, the mind relaxes; and when the mind relaxes, it starts seeking patterns.” Valor helps balance the energies within the body, helping the user to find courage, confidence, and self-esteem.

“Now at that point, you may want to reach for another oil in your Feelings kit—Release,” he suggested. Placed over the liver, this blend stimulates a sense of harmony and helps to release anger and frustration. Acceptance is another oil that Dr. Young recommends because it has frequencies that when placed on the temples and sternum and breathed can unlock blocks at the memory crossroads.

Sometimes the memory may be so traumatic that you say, “No, no, no! I just can’t do this.” Dr. Young said that if this happens, “Go to 3 Wise Men and rub this oil on the crown of the head. Now I named the oils ‘3 Wise Men’ for the fact that it will bring you gifts. The frankincense and myrrh in this blend have the frequency to help open [us] and allow us to receive the information that we need, and also receive support from our Creator.”

A technique that Dr. Young has used in releasing traumatic memories is to close your eyes and think of something spinning, like a ferris wheel. Watch it spin until all the negative information is erased. “Then you see a beautiful, clean, crystal-clear screen,” he said. “Don’t cross the [memory] intersection until you’ve reprogrammed the screen.” This is an important step in Dr. Young’s process.

Wholesome images of family or nature are good to “program” into the place where the negative memory used to be.

He also suggested using the blend Grounding on the back of the neck or Tsuga on the sternum as an anchor for the emotions during this reprocessing.

For intense childhood memories, “Get Inner Child out, because Inner Child is made from citrus oils and takes you back to warm childhood memories,” Dr. Young said. Interestingly, the best place to put Inner Child is on your thumb and then pressed against the roof of your mouth because that’s where the oil can open meridian centers in the brain.

“My suggestion would be not to go through more than one ‘intersection’ per week,” Dr. Young said. “Take your time. That way, it allows the memory to clear. You may find that other emotions may trickle in. It’s like digging a posthole in subsoil. You dig down and you hit a little moisture in the posthole. Three days later, you go back and the posthole is full of water. So you have to bail all the water out before you can put the post in and set it. Your mind will do the same thing,” he warned.

Sometimes the memories are so painful that people think about leaving life. “Folks,” Dr. Young said, “it is not our choice about leaving life. That is one choice that we shouldn’t make. That is our Father’s choice only, to decide when it is our time to terminate from this planet. Do not go there! And that’s why Grounding is so important, so it will keep you anchored in the ‘now.’ And if you feel like you’re separating, that’s when you reach for Present Time and put it right on the sternum. Because it locks you into the moment and keeps you focused. Remember, you cannot heal your body by living in the past. You can heal your body by letting go of the past.”

Dr. Young also explained that he believes that many traumas go back on a genetic line. He shared an intense experience in Egypt that convinced him that was remembering genetic information from his ancestors. “This experience led me to create the Feelings kit so others could start working and undoing all this garbage that we have carried from our ancestors,” he revealed.

Dr. Young emphasized that all he learned has come from his own experiences. “I give you these directions to work with because they are the directions that I’ve worked with myself. And I believe that we will all go through stuff the rest of our lives. The point that I really want to stress here is don’t allow this to be your focal point in your life. Because if it becomes your focal point and you become consumed with it, that tells me you’re not going forward. Just take a few minutes, go down the path, recognize it, clear it, empty it, erase it, reprogram it. But always know, and this is really, really important for all of you, to always be focused before you go into the reprogramming. Know where you’re going!”

As you start to reprogram, Dr. Young noted that the perfect oil to use is Joy. “Put Joy over the heart and just breathe that in and use that while you’re reprogramming because you want to bring in joyful experiences.”

Once you have dealt with an emotion, Dr. Young suggested another important oil to use. “Before you walk away from it, make sure that you put White Angelica on the shoulders, the sternum, and the nape of the neck. These are four points of the body that help electromagnetically create and enhance your overall sense of well-being and balance.”

At lunch, following Gary’s presentation on the essential oil blends from the Feelings kit, there were many conversations about the impact of his lecture. Dianasue Holland from Ogden, Utah, said she cried when Gary explained about ancestor memories. “I have always felt this in my heart and to have someone validate that feeling was incredible.”

Julie Herbert, Idaho Falls, Idaho, said, “I have been with Young Living for seven years, and today Gary put all the pieces together for me. Gary gave us such a clear picture. The Feelings kit portion of the convention was the frosting on the cake. You cannot put a price on the knowledge he’s imparting to us!”

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