Thanksgiving Foodie
Alright, so I have a confession to make....
I am not a very good cook.

There, I said it. I don't get creative when cooking, I do not try to make difficult dishes, I just choose something simple and attempt to follow the recipe and pray that it turns out edible. People generally don't go out of their way to ask me to bring a dish to share. Usually I bring beverages or chips, or something of that nature.

Thanksgiving is the holiday that we cook and cook and cook. Eating so much food you would think we were hobbits! And this year I am bound and determined to make at least one awesome dish that everyone likes!

A friend of mine is a great cook and oil lover like myself. Recently she created some graphics with recipes for the upcoming holiday and I am super excited to try her recipes out! I am telling you, I can NOT fail at bringing something awesome to share with her recipes in my cookbook! 

Now, this is the time of year that people go out of their way to be super thankful for things and giving too. So here we go. I want to share her amazingness with all of you! I have created a special spot on my Pinterest for her Thanksgiving recipes so that you can save them too!

Go check them out, give them a try; but then please come back here and let me know what ya think of her awesomeness!

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